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it is used in contexts where it has very little meaning in itself but occurs with an object noun which describes an action, e.g.

The two varieties of English most widely found in print and taught around the world are British and American – it is, therefore, important for teachers to be aware of the major differences between the two.

All the best, Kirk The Learn English Team Hello jannis, A good source for British radio is the BBC (

In spoken American English, it is very common to use the simple past tense as an alternative in situations where the present perfect would usually have been used in British English.

Many programmes are archived, so you can listen to them whenever you like.

There are many stations available with Radio 4 and Radio 5 having less music and more discussion.

Dating internationally will either make it more so or raise the chance to finally get the partner you've been looking for all along.

Read more Living abroad is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life.

A BIG thank you to belgiumdating.— we have put our trust into online dating and it worked out really well!Otherwise, however, historical and present linguistic evidence does not support the notion of there being a mainstream standard English of the United States. Man: Yeah, I picked up some of the American words, and now I forget which ones to use! Since then, American English has developed into new dialects, in some cases under the influence of West African and Native American languages, German, Dutch, Irish, Spanish, and other languages of successive waves of immigrants to the United States.Any American or even Canadian English accent perceived as free of noticeably local, ethnic, or cultural markers is popularly called "General American", described by sociolinguist William Labov as "a fairly uniform broadcast standard in the mass media".The use of English in the United States is a result of British colonization of the Americas.


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