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We don’t care if they mention nature, or the season, or the name of a fish, or whatever the standard technical haiku rules are.BUT, there is one caveat: Since we’re announcing the winner in 2010, please include the words “new” and “year” somewhere in your poem. Surely these photos will give you plenty of inspiration.Then again, To keep you up to speed on the father of eight’s history in the public eye, we’ve put together a helpful guide to the most important public relationships he’s had over the years.Take a look for yourself, and decide whether or not Jon and Liz have a future together, inside.have seen the dysfunction that exists between Jon Gosselin and girlfriend Liz Jannetta.It’s not the first time that Jon has put his personal life on television, and if we’re to go by his track record, things might end well for these two.Hailey is known as the daughter of Harry Glassman, the doctor who performed Kate Gosselin's tummy tuck.Most recently, Jon was said to have proposed to Hailey during their getaway in St. Neither of them has acknowledged the report though.

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Both of them, who haven't publicly confirmed the nature of their relationship, were caught on camera engaging in public display of affection that included holding hands and swapping spit.

During their outing both Jon and Hailey seemed enjoying each other's company very much.

At one point, Hailey even grabbed a flower and put it behind Jon's ear. Later that day, the lovers lunched at Rocco's Restaurant and were spotted leaving with pizza boxes and doggy bags.

The entire pitch reads like a giant [totally apt but unprintable adjective here] joke.

Gosselin’s managers did send an e-mail inquiry — Radar, whose energy in covering scandal-plagued parents of multiples is unflagging, has a copy of it — asking about scheduling, money and what sort of role Hailey Glassman might have in the show (a moot question at the moment, given news from earlier in the day).


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