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His mother, Maria, came home from work after her second shift assignment.

Her husband, Louis, was away on business and their two oldest children were grown and living on their own. Tim typically would be in bed when Maria got home from work, but he didn't have class in the morning so he was still up.

I refused but said I would definitely try to be quieter.

So last weekend my boyfriend was over, and we ended up having sex sometime in the afternoon.

Shy and soft-spoken Tim had a sensitive streak that made him especially appealing to the women on campus.

When the unexpected encounter in this story happened, though, Tim was single, having broken up with his last girlfriend a month or so prior.

I was shocked (it’s not like we were particularly loud) and mortified and said I’d try to keep things quieter.

She told me that she thinks it’s for the best if I move my bedroom, or have sex somewhere else, just in case her son hears.

Lanky and muscular with curly blonde hair and soft blue eyes, Tim had turned into beefy 6'2, 188 pound 19-year-old college athlete with sinewy rippling muscles.

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Maria went through her usual routine of grabbing a late-night sandwich and reading the paper and then pulled her hair back into a ponytail and changed into a t-shirt and shorts.

At age 44, Maria was still quite beautiful with her shoulder-length honey-colored hair, full lips, tan , toned body and almond-colored eyes.


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